Administrative Services

Meridian Administrator Corporation (MAC) is an off-site employee benefits administration service that partners with employers and consultants. We offer HR services and innovative online self service tools to consultants, employers and employees.

MAC frees busy human resource professionals from mundane chores so they can allocate more time to higher-level functions that add value to the company.
We assume the day-to-day responsibility for routine employee benefits administration by providing three key service features: consolidated billing and bill payment, a single point of contact for all employee enrollment and terminations, and “No involvement” Cobra.

How Are We Different?

MAC offers customer service paramount to our competitors. We go about and beyond to assist our Client’s to achieve their objectives. We are not just an online system that still requires Human Resources personnel to do all of the work; we do the work for you.
Our consolidated billing keeps all employees benefits at a single glance. You write one check and pay all of your carriers for you. You send us your new enrollments and we enroll your employees in all lines of overage. You send us one termination notice and we terminate coverage with all carriers. Once an employee is gone from your company, you never have to deal with them again. We help keep you in compliance by handling Cobra notifications, tracking of Cobra deadlines, collections from past employees and remittance to the carriers.