Executive Planning

With the market`s continuing roller coaster ride, it is a good time to review your Company`s qualified retirement plan. With many retirement portfolios losing value, individuals need to save even more for retirement. For highly compensated employees, such a strategy is not feasible within a qualified plan due to statutory limits on contributions. This is where executive benefit planning makes a great fit. Meridian Benefits Consulting can provide you with the expertise, resources, and services needed to be in this market.


What can you expect?

· Professionals with decades of executive benefits expertise to provide field marketing and sales support

· Expertise in prospecting within existing client bases

· Market knowledge about what is "hot" in the current executive benefits market

· Guidance through plan administration services including internet account access


Meridian Benefits Consulting can help you identify where reverse discrimination frequently occurs and suggest appropriate solutions:

· Carve-Outs for both Life and Disability Plans



· SEC 162 Bonus Plans

· 401(k) Mirror Plan

· Employee satisfaction surveys

Meridian Benefits Consulting has the resources to provide you with in-field support to pursue these opportunities and further complete your benefit package.