Benefits Administration

Meridian Benefits Consulting, in conjunction with our e-commerce partners, offers leading edge, online benefits administration solutions. We provide our clients with tools to easily manage and organize their group benefits programs and employee information.



Everyone gains from the ability to share and access information online:

· Employers can easily manage group benefits through a system that stores detailed information on their programs as well as employee records and relevant data

· The system puts better tools in the hands of employees as decision-makers: online enrollment, benefit news, plan and rate comparison tools, provider look-up, and forms and links to Human Resources

· Premium and eligibility information is electronically distributed to insurers, 401(k), COBRA administration and payroll vendors through Meridian Benefits Consulting solutions. Additionally, rates and eligibility information from all vendors are captured in one system, making monthly billing reconciliation simplified for employers

· A worksite marketing tool presents time-sensitive, relevant financial and insurance products to employees should they experience life-changing events